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Chris Hewitt’s “Star Spouting” Is Tight but Loose on Fassbender

In response to Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)’s 496‑word review of The Counselor on St. Paul Pioneer Press

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Chris Hewitt is a composed gentleman in his latest crafting, “The Counselor review: Big movie stars, spouting great line,” however says little about the actual characters in the film.

Stars Spouting is an interesting experience, just like the dialogue of Cormac McCarthy. Hewitt offers the reader a general idea of what the film is about, but leaves them to figure out the rest. The concept may work in a crime thriller, but not necessarily for a review.

Chris Hewitt doesn’t have a monster hit with Stars Sprouting due to a pure lack of Fassbender, and everyone knows that one wants to learn about the lead character in a film, especially when he is The Counselor. The critic even mentions the actor in the opening statement, but refused to comment on his performance or the rest of the supporting cast. The reader learns who the characters are, but not what they mean to the film.

Stars Sprouting is certainly informative, tightly organized and well written, however Hewitt only covers the basic themes of violence and philosophy, which are staples of the McCarthy experience.

One may feel that Chris Hewitt doesn’t dig deep enough, and will desire information about the characters beyond a general description.

Stars Sprouting is visually pleasing, but disappointing in regard to content.    

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