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Laura Clifford’s “The World” Is Composed and Ready for the World

In response to Laura Clifford’s 569‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Reeling Reviews

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Laura Clifford is without her partner Robin in “Thor: The Dark World,” but she stands strong as the lone reviewer and wields the Reeling Review Hammer of Intellect.

The Dark World is not the best review that one can find, but it will keep the audience reeling from brain teasers. Clifford has improved her work over the weeks, and her latest composition is written quite well despite a few spell check downers.

As always, the glorious pictures of Laura and Robin welcome the reader, although the middle image from the film may be disturbing to some readers.

Clifford’s’s introduction in The Dark World is a pleasant welcoming for the reader into Laura’s world of thought. A brief synopsis can be enjoyed at the top, and the critic transitions into a beefy paragraph of plot summary. This section could use a bit of work give the overall length of the work, but it’s sufficient enough for the casual reader.

The Dark World concludes with a fine paragraph that explores direction, Thor, and Loki. One will be pleased by the quality of Clifford’s writing, but the overall content is lacking critique. Clifford opens, summarizes and closes out the work—and that’s it.

Laura Clifford’s The Dark World will be appreciated, but won’t cause anyone to freak out with excitement.    

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