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Josh Bell’s “‘GRAVITY’” Makes for an Emintently Readable Review

In response to Josh Bell’s 358‑word review of Gravity on Las Vegas Weekly

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Josh Bell’s “‘GRAVITY’ MAKES SPACE TRAVEL SEEM EXCITING AND DANGEROUS AGAIN” is a short, well-written, generalized review. Bell jumps right into the plot of Gravity, which gets the reader involved with the content and mission of his words.

The industry has generated so many over-the-top movie reviews that it’s easy to forget how difficult it can be to provide enough info to pique reading interest without going too far. Bell’s writing style is accessible, without grammar issues or pretentious whistles, which gives the reader a good taste of information that balances the palate.

While the ads surrounding the review are typical, they certainly threaten to undermine the reading experience.  

EXCITING AND DANGEROUS offers positive appraisal and reasonable critique that doesn’t leave the reader hanging. Except for the final sentence, which reads like a contradiction, the audience has every reason to trust Bell’s opinion on the movie.

Fortunately, Bell also avoids sappy exposition, and he describes the characters and several scenes with generalizations that would likely fall around 50/20 on the sight scale. His near-sightedness obviously does what Bell wants it to, and many readers will be pleased he never dons bifocals.

As an art form, Bell doesn’t come close to reaching creative brilliance, but as basic information, EXCITING AND DANGEROUS is both solidly constructed and eminently readable.    

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