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Boo Allen Achieves Mass Rip Van Winkle-Itis in “Family Drama”

In response to Boo Allen’s 459‑word review of Nebraska on Denton Record Chronicle (TX)

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Boo Allen produces a bland piece with “Family Drama,” and the combination of structure and content may lead one to experience Rip Van Winkle-itis. The late entry for SnoozeFest 2013 has been given 2: 1 odds by Vegas bookies.

The Boo Allen style consists of two sentence paragraphs, which gives Family Drama a nice flow, but sadly the critic shows a lack of commitment to true film criticism. It’s a perfect read for one who doesn’t want to think too hard, or perhaps for those who don’t watch films, and need a quick fix of what’s going on in the outside world.

Family Drama is mostly plot summary, however Boo does come out of the house on occasion to frighten readers with critique. What’s that, says the reader? Is that Boo? Is that critique? Yes, it is, and the tiny bits of insight are dedicated to the techniques of Alexander Payne.

For example, one will learn that “some of the Hawthorne scenes qualify as nearly genius,” but unfortunately Allen fails to expand and detail out which scene he is referencing. The end of the critique teases at what the critic is capable of, however the structure doesn’t allow him to break free of mild analysis.

Boo says absolutely nothing about the lead performances of Bruce Dern and Will Forte in Family Drama, which is almost unacceptable.

Family Drama is just another average critique that does enough to get by.    

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