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Robbie Collins “The Wolf of Wall Street” Telegraphs STOP

In response to Robbie Collin’s 861‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Daily Telegraph

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”. . virile with a lifetime’s accumulated genius”---with such an opening salvo telegraphed to the world, how can one such as you or I take as anything other than a press kit from Scorcese’s long-time PR firm, Sychophant & Co. Robbie Collins The Wolf of Wall Street.

Obviously in the thrall of that director’s latest assault on all five senses, Collins Wolf seems to have dripped more than a little of its slobbering salivation onto his adolescent psyche, evidenced by further blatherings on about this work being ‘hot and wet’, followed closely---no doubt, pantingly---by ‘scum stains on his bespoke suit’.

The term ‘bespoke’, whilst (Briticism spoiler) meaning made to order, best describes the effusive telegram from Scorcese (could he send any other sort) inviting Collins to a private, ahem, screening, down at the ‘so seedy it’s chic’ cinema frequented by aging filmmakers, with attached detailed instructions on what scintillating terms to employ in Collins Wolf -ish opining.

Attributing powers to the FBI it has never had---‘… indicted by the FBI…. ‘in reference to the Ron Silver of the financial world, as protagonist—Collins actually fishes for, ahem, shall we say more inducements, say, maybe a lap dance or two, before ‘I’d like to see it once more before settling on a verdict. ‘

Save yourself the guilt of porno by another name, and just listen to ‘Money’ by fellow Brits Pink Floyd.    

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