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The Unforgettable Exposition of Guy Lodge Highlights “Great Silence”

In response to Guy Lodge’s 1216‑word review of Gravity on HitFix

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The astounding words of Guy Lodge will inspire all with his latest sweeping offering, “Review: Sandra Bullock dances into great silence in Alfonso Cuaron’s Astonishing Gravity.”

An important fact of Great Silence is revealed to the reader at the onset: Guy Lodge has crafted his work from Venice. One will understand the gravity of the brief but pertinent piece of information.  

The open of Great Silence refuses to tease the reader with an uninspired, Kubrick-laced concoction of words. Lodge does much more. The critic braces himself, lets the reader breathe and proceeds to offer an honest and deeply comprehensive tale.

To achieve an extraordinarily complete review such as Great Silence, a critic must reveal certain facts of the film while simultaneously retaining the mystery of it. Lodge accomplishes this feat by carefully conveying the personalities of the leads, and communicating the loose feeling of the film’s arrangement of acts.

Great Silence expresses the psychological feel of the film, and provides a thorough look at the work of the cinematographer. Readers will not only find the information intriguing, but essential to their film experience.

The remarkable exposition of Guy Lodge is clearly the highlight of Great Silence. The critic effectively communicates the excitement of his own observations, and is able to keep the reader entertained and informed. Great Silence is an unforgettable journey.    

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