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Steve Newall’s “Catching Fire” Is an Appetizer for Big Boy Reviews

In response to Steve Newall’s 272‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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Steve Newall has created a tiny, bite-sized critique with “Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” One can appreciate the compact offering, but unfortunately the lack of a comprehensive breakdown makes the work merely an appetizer in a world of luxurious analytical offerings.

Steve Newall provides decent analysis in each of the four paragraphs of Catching Fire, however the content doesn’t allow one to take the work too seriously. The visuals are excellent along with the writing, but it’s a mystery why the critic refuses to produce a thorough critique.

Catching Fire briefly touches on Jennifer Lawrence in the open, but it’s only one sentence. Surely, the average reader won’t walk away from the reading saying “Wow. Newall really delivered with that one line!” Why not offer a paragraph to the lead actress? Newall also glides over the supporting cast with vague statements that will leave one with a blank, drooling face due to pure boredom.

The new director Francis Lawrence is noted in Catching Fire, but all Newall can manage to say is that he has “a little more flair and maturity” than the original director. The critic is unable to expand on his statement, which is the common theme of the review. A thought here and a thought there with no substance. It all reads well, but nothing stands out.

Steve Newall has a great foundation for a review in Catching Fire, but the effort is lackluster and mildly offensive.    

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