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Robert Levin’s “Movie Review: …” So Convincing, It Should Be Illegal

In response to Robert Levin’s 573‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on amNewYork

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One should be warned, “Movie review: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ 3. 5 stars” is as cunning as it is charming. In surmising his subject, Robert Levin weaves a textual spider web that will ensnare the reader and feast upon their resolve.

The lead-in to this piece is priceless, and totally suits the author’s style. Indeed it is unique to Mr. Levin, and he owns it admirably. More importantly, it sets an entirely likable, not to mention irresistibly persuasive, tone for the rest of this piece. His conviction never wavers at any point, whether it be setting up his argument, supporting it with back-story and compelling evidence, punctuating it with clever and wholly entertaining analogies, or ultimately tying all elements together in a sound, entirely convincing, conclusion. However, it should be emphasized that it is convincing in the sense that the reader can understand and respect the author’s point of view without necessarily agreeing with it.  

And that is not a bad thing. For a writer in this particular literary niche should not aspire to force the reader to buy into his assessment—merely to present his rationale for feeling the way he does and leaving it up to the reader to decide how closely they identify with it.  

That said, it is difficult not to succumb to Levin’s wiles. Never is there a moment of tedium or monotony. Quite the contrary, it is as thrilling, electrifying and spontaneous as its source material. And yet, it has a pulse; a focus and a purpose. And it is conveyed so smoothly, one will likely find themselves inclined to share the author’s consensus based on his charisma alone.

Indeed, the mark of a truly gifted narrator is to enlighten and engage the reader, while gradually attempting to sway their opinion. In this respect, Levin is Santa Claus, and his gift should not be denied.    

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