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Kirk Baird Reminds of a Juvenile Classic Tune in “Burns Bright”

In response to Kirk Baird’s 843‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Toledo Blade

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Hear the Baird a-comin’! The latest classy composition by Kirk Baird, “Hunger Games: Catching Fire burns bright,” has got that proverbial fire, and may lead many to the Juvenile classic “I got that fire.” The work is not OMG awesome, but it is worthy of an “oh, snap.” It’s a rare feat that one must appreciate.

Burns Bright succeeds due to pure hustle and flow from the Bairdman. Nobody’s head will pop off from profound insight, but the critic touches on all the basics and delivers a fine argument. Grab your favorite bottle of bubbly and prepare some Juvenile.

The majority of Burns Bright is summary, however it’s an analytical summary that will keep one at the edge of their couch. The prose sizzles with excitement as Baird guides the reader through the plot and discusses our dear Katniss.

Baird explores various aspects of the film in the concluding paragraphs of Burns Bright. He brings the J-Law with force, and offers a surprising amount of thought on the supporting cast. It’s nice to see a critic who shows a little respect by refusing to do a simple roll call. Although the critique feels a bit rushed at the end, the overall content makes the work much better than average.

Kirk Baird shows true dedication and effort in Burns Bright, and the world awaits new works from The Bairdman of Toledo.    

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