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Kirk Honeycutt’s “‘Ender’s Game’” Convinces, Captivates

In response to Kirk Honeycutt’s 1082‑word review of Ender’s Game on

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It takes tremendous ability to convert even the most cynical readers into ardent admirers. In “Ender’s Game”, Kirk Honeycutt manages to achieve the impossible.

The quality of the subject matter has largely been a point of debate by the public, one enthusiastically recommending the material while another admonishing it as recycled Hollywood excrement. The reader’s viewpoint will always vary and the most fickle will praise a review one minute, condemn it the next.

Honeycutt seems to have found the secret to earning universal praise and solidifying his take in the minds of his audience. You may or may not agree with his position, but you simply cannot deny his approach. He artfully conveys his honest opinion, and while not shared by this reader, is done so carefully, it nearly convinces a change in opinion. It even increases in persuasiveness on subsequent readings.

His soft-spoken, yet direct manner, entraps one’s attention from the first passage, and his clever use of adjectives conveys the dialogue of the characters so vividly you can almost hear them speaking the lines. It’s a trailer on print, complete with commentary track from someone acquainted with the source as intimately as he knows his right arm.

Review fans rejoice! A true feast for the eyes, hearts and minds here. Do not delay another second. Do yourself a service and read Honeycutt’s “Ender’s Game” immediately. You will be the better for it.    

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