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In “Day 3,” Cinematography Is All That Matters to Mike D’Angelo

In response to Mike D'Angelo’s 243‑word review of Gravity on The Dissolve

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Mike D’Angelo’s “Day 3: Far out feeling” is as myopic as reviews get. After opening with a brief treatise about film festivals (the film was viewed at a festival) and vague review of other reviews of Gravity (not his job), D’Angelo uses the remainder of his words to comment on one aspect of the film and one aspect alone: the cinematography. Granted, he is very clear in his opinion of the cinematography and provides strong reasoning behind his opinions, but this does not make up for more important inquiring-minds-want-to-know facets, such as plot.

As is en vogue for film festival reviews, Day 3 is presented as an omnibus review with all of the day’s films combined into one article. This doesn’t do any favors to the review art form. It is the review equivalent of slopping together a diner’s meal into one pile. The reader should not have to eat that.

The only high rating D’Angelo is worthy of is for his avoidance of spoilers. He does a fine job of avoiding spoiling most of the plot though there was an ambiguous reference to a plot point that may or may not have been important.

Nevertheless, learning more of the plot would be welcome even if it were at the risk of spoiling the film. Do not waste your time with D’Angelo’s treatment.    

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