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Peter Debruge’s “Film Review: ‘Ender’s Game’” Is Better Than It Should Be

In response to Peter Debruge’s 891‑word review of Ender’s Game on Variety

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Amazingly, Peter Debruge’s “Film Review: ‘Ender’s Game’” delivers a rare knock out punch, but then beats itself in the face with redundancy. This could have been a Magnus opus. Now it’s just “Oh… pus.”

There is a moment of tantalization with the over arching themes of the film before being fitted, hand in glove, the Machievellian scheme of the movie industry in trying to make the film a new “Twilight”-sized franchise (which it appears to all involved it will not do). The work delves deeper into the erratic homophobic histrionics of Orson Scott Card, author of the book the film was based, buffered by the fact the film is actually very good. Now that’s a sandwich of review style folks will never tire of munching on!

Sadly, Debruge’s next move is a smack across the face with an inevitable Hunger Games comparison. There has yet to be an incisive look at why the aliens are now called “Formics” instead of, as they were in the book, “Buggers,” but these are sidelines. But the, yet again, Harry Potter references speak more to what the film isn’t instead of what it is. And then it digresses into pandering ironic disdain for nostalgia fans.

When Debruge returns to analyze the film, he focuses on the lack or supposed danger, the ruining of the ending, and the authenticity of the final note. Unlike, in his view, the film, his words ring true.

On a great day, Deburge would have turned in a masterpiece. But  a good day is better than nothing.    

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