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Widgett Walls Drives Unimpaired, Unfiltered in “Wayhomer Review…”

In response to Widgett Walls’s video review of Ender’s Game on

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“Wayhomer Review #163: Ender’s Game” by Widgett Walls is a surprisingly concise assessment of the subject, considering the distractions facing the author while creating it.

It should be noted that Walls video recorded his assessment while operating a motor vehicle. Thus, some leeway is granted with regard to the author’s focus, considering the distractions that invariably manifest in such situations. That said, the handicap ultimately proves unnecessary.

A few lulls aside, the author provides a clear, succinct and tactful report based solely on the merits of the subject and his impression of it. The wording is concise, the descriptors adequate and the embellishments kept to a minimum. The style by which the author provides all this is conversational, dynamic and even a little endearing, and holds the audience’s attention throughout. This is especially remarkable in lieu of the fact that Walls’ is dividing his attention among multiple tasks.

However, as charming as his synopsis is, one aspect counterbalances this considerably and is all but impossible to ignore: Walls’ ego. He clearly thinks highly of himself, and it comes cross with every trite statement, change in vocal inflection and hard syllable. His conceit is such that he almost distances himself completely from the audience at the outset, and it is a miracle he can even retain their attention long enough to deliver said synopsis. Fortunately, the substance of his diatribe eventually eclipses the mouth used to relay it, but the mouth still leaves a bad taste in the reader’s.

All in all, it is a very respectable offering from a knowledgeable and seasoned writer. Unfortunate that the writer’s brash delivery nearly sabotages it all.    

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