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Michael Sragow “Gravity to Get a Hold on You” Is a Ride Through the Random

In response to Michael Sragow’s 1063‑word review of Gravity on Orange County Register

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In this review entitled “‘Gravity’ is sure to get a hold on you” by Michael Sragow, readers are confronted with misplaced metaphors and analogies. The entire review is laced with literary comparisons that don’t correlate fluidly with the piece as a whole.

Sragow definitely keeps his readers on their toes by throwing in personal quips of comic book comparisons and other similes that emerge out of thin air. This reviewer really knows how to take a sentence and keep the audience guessing as to how it will end. This leaves the readers with the question of whether this is a positive or a negative aspect to a film review.

The presentation of the review as a whole is effective. The title is simple with a rather large picture to lead into the piece. The review seems long winded and there is an insert in the middle of the article with a rating of the film and all other relevant information such as the director, actors, etc.

Directly beneath it is a section entitled “quick hit” that gives a direct version of summary that is unnecessarily elaborated in the wordage below it. Which again, begs the question of why the rest of the piece should be read if it could be summed up in one sentence. Overall, it’s an average review consisting of randomly placed similes and an ordinary design scheme.    

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