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Jack Giroux REVIEW: A Short Thesis on ‘Thor 2’’s Many Issues

In response to Jack Giroux’s 229‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Film School Rejects

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Jack Giroux does what lesser reviewers fail to do when analyzing a big-budget action film such as Thor: The Dark World. Rather than complaining that the movie didn’t live up to expectations with no real reason as to why, he systematically breaks down what he believes to be Marvel’s first comic book movie miss. Or more to the point, Marvel’s first comic book movie mess. The result is a review that has you empathizing with with the critic concerning his disappointment.  

Giroux is meticulous in his criticism, pointing out which characters are vastly underused, his frustration with what he think is a ho-hum, underwhelming villain, and the seemingly unending exposition at the beginning of the film. He also points out that while some plotlines are hinted at, they are never followed through.  

Yet the critic’s frustration doesn’t prevent him from praising direct Alan Taylor, whose gritty vision of Asgard is reminiscent of his past projects. He even feels bad for Taylor, who was apparently unaware the movie would be shown in 3D.  

Managing to appear objective despite the subjective-ness that is writing movie reviews, Giroux only slips once in his criticism, which luckily for him happens at the end of the write-up. His dislike of Kat Dennings becomes very apparent, which may cause any reader to raise an eyebrow after reading an otherwise Ivy League debate team-caliber review.     

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