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Marc Mohan Suffocates Critique in “Belt Drama”

In response to Marc Mohan’s 471‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Oregonian

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One may be moved to tears when they look at the Oregon Live webpage and see Marc Mohan’s latest piece for the first time. Such promise. Such hope. Beautiful visuals.

Sadly, the content of “Out of the Furnace review: Downbeat Rust Belt drama is a mixed bag,” will also move one to tears for a different reason, and the computer will likely need be immediately repaired due to the emotional rain.

After a strong amount of early sizzlers, the recent critiques have become unsurprisingly lazy and lackluster. Whereas some like to devote several paragraphs to an actor such as Christian Bale, there are critics such as Marc Mohan that don’t even mention his performance.

Belt Drama suffocates the idea of film criticism with extreme force. Mohan shows promise in the jolly, holiday-themed introduction, and even notes that director Scott Cooper shows “admirable patience,” but the piece quickly becomes a late entry for SnoozeFest 2013 otherwise known as MegaSummary MegaJams ‘13.

To be fair, Mohan occasionally offers a line of critique during his summary-review, but the simple appearance of original thought should be expected. The critic fails to expand on his argument, but then steps up his game in the final paragraph.

Belt Drama is an experience that you only want to encounter once in your life.    

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