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Blake Howard’s “REVIEW: GRAVITY” Is a Taught, Concise Thriller

In response to Blake Howard’s 452‑word review of Gravity on 2UE That Movie Show

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Reviews under 500 words generally tend to have a going-through-the-motions quality about them. Not so with Blake Howard’s “REVIEW: GRAVITY (Alfonso Cuarón—2013).” Although by no means an epic movie review, there are few words wasted in REVIEW: GRAVITY, and as a result it is every bit as fulfilling an experience as some reviews twice its length.

Howard makes deft use of adjectives, using them to enhance the experience rather than merely pad his word count. While in some reviewers’ hands adjectives can come across as just an ingratiating series of superlatives, Howard never seems to be angling for a pull quote as many lesser writers tend to. His enthusiasm for the film is genuine and well-reasoned.

There is a bit of an imbalance in the review, though, as a counterpoint to Howard’s enthusiasm is never presented. Granted, coming up with negatives for the sake of coming up with negatives is not necessary for a good review, but with the short length of REVIEW: GRAVITY, one can’t help but wonder if expediency trumped balance rather than Gravity just being a flawless movie.

Readers of REVIEW: GRAVITY are unlikely to come away disappointed from the experience. While short and a bit one-sided, its enthusiasm is contagious.    

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