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Rebecca Murray’s “Thor” Confounds With Befuddled Writing

In response to Rebecca Murray’s 1010‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on

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Rebecca Murray’s “‘Thor: The Dark World’ Movie Review” tops the 1,000 word mark, making it fairly hefty in the world of film literature.

If only Murray could organize those 1,000 words into something resembling coherence. Murray’s keyboard must have taken Thalidomide while birthing this piece. because these are some awkwardly formed sentences. So awkwardly formed that readers will have a tough time sussing out the meaning even after reading them two or three times over.

Murray must be trying for some syntactical variety here, but the writing just comes out mutated and almost comedically wonky.

There is some critique to be seen through the fog. The film has a “tone that shifts all over the place,”  “Hemsworth and Hiddleston’s chemistry far outshines Hemsworth and Portman’s,” and the 3D is derided for an entire paragraph. Possibly. It’s difficult to tell on that last point.

It’s novel to say the least, but, while most reviews need lengthening to fully explore their subject, Murray’s could have (and should have) been cut in half. There’s too much rambling, circuitous prose to justify the length. By the time readers get one third of the way through, they’ll be exhausted.

If you value your time, skip this bit of baffling bunk.    

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