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Steve Newall’s “Review: Gravity” Is a Featherweight Champ of a Review

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The latest work from Steve Newall, “Review: Gravity” is written with style, however one will wish the critic could stay at the party a little longer and perhaps say a little more.

Review begins with a well-composed opening paragraph, and highlighted by the use of the words “freaking” and “vertiginous.” One will be shocked by the inclusions, but also pleasantly surprised. Newall’s first section is by no means ground-breaking, but certainly satisfactory.

The remainder of Review consists of only two paragraphs, however the critic finds a way to effectively communicate his thoughts in an intelligent and interesting way. One may be concerned at the onset, but Newall gets it done.  

Review concludes with a beefy paragraph on the performance of Sandra Bullock. Newall’s thoughts successfully communicate what exactly is so important about the role, and how the actress makes it work.

Despite Review‘s superb close, one will be highly disappointed by the absence of George Clooney. The critic may feel his role wasn’t substantial enough to note, however the reader deserves to be informed, especially since they haven’t seen the film.

Review packs a big punch in three short paragraphs, but unfortunately will likely be forgotten.    

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