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“The Revolution” by Matt Pais Is a Revolution Against Film Criticism

In response to Matt Pais’s 390‑word review of Ender’s Game on RedEye,0,2677930.column

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Matt Pais is back at it with a reference-laced review devoid of real analysis in “Ender’s Game review: The revolution will not be clarified.”

Pais begins The revolution with the statement “Let me get this straight” and rambles on as if no Sci-Fi film has ever strayed from the norm. It wouldn’t hurt Pais to occasionally open with a clear and somewhat intellectual thesis rather than the usual sarcastic snark. The critic must receive numerous e-mails praising him for his humorous and analysis-free reviews.

A tiny amount of plot summary can be found in The revolution, but the critic quickly strays by referencing the highly-touted basketball recruit Andrew Wiggins from the University of Kansas. See, his name is slightly different than the lead character Andrew Wiggin. One may typically expect to find a few thoughts on the lead performance of Asa Butterfield, but Pais goes with the pop culture reference.

The revolution contains brief moments of hope, especially when Pais offers a few pros and cons about the plot. Unfortunately, he then transitions into a commentary on  “the shameful military track record of sexual assault.” At this point in the review, one may wonder if Pais is some sort of new hybrid film critic that tackles societal problems and occasionally film criticism.

The E! News-y critic continues on to reference Rage Against The Machine and also allows one to contemplate the image of a kid’s vomit floating through space like Sandra Bullock’s tears in Gravity.

The reviews of Matt Pais are slowly becoming more and more ridiculous, and it’s fascinating to watch.    

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