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James Rocchi Turns Up the Charm in ““Review: …”

In response to James Rocchi’s 1103‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Cinephiled

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James Roochi’s “Review: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Offers High Finance, High Style and Low Behavior” is a little presumptuous and extremely robust, but maybe justifiably so given the dynamics and complexity of the source material.  

The author’s resolve is as clear as a crystal wine decanter as he picks apart his subject from the inside out in this thrilling and engaging piece. His clever analogies, along with the potent evidence he provides, cut through the subject’s premise like a razor blade through white powder. Roochi’s wit is as sharp as a tailor-made suit, and “suits” the approach of this piece to a tee. It is unlikely any of his peers could pull off this narrative with as much fervor and passion. And it is so infectious, the reader will no doubt become addicted. It all amounts to a very concise and compelling synopsis that makes an impression as well as a point.

The only weakness that can be gleamed from all the author’s hard work is the lack of restraint. The passages tend to go on long after the point is made, and the extra details only serve to embellish the text for entertainment value. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, as the author’s personality is by far the most charming aspect of this piece. But at the end of the day, the reader’s time is precious and must be treated as such. Thus, it would serve the author much more to be concise and reserved with his talent lest the less patient reader’s attention wane before witnessing the ultimate deliberation.

But talkative as Roochi may be, it is truly a pleasure to hear what he has to say. Indeed, his charisma is so irresistible, it encapsulates the heart and creates a longing for more once the final stanza is perused. It all amounts to a piece that will leave the reader strung out (in a good way)… at least until the next fix.    

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