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Seb Patrick Fails to Acknowledge Director or Lead in “The Dark”

In response to Seb Patrick’s 571‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Film4

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There is an unintentional comedic aspect to Seb Patrick’s “Thor: The Dark World” that is both ironic and troubling. The critic’s argument is based on the idea that the sequel fails to explore the world of Asgard, but Patrick fails to acknowledge the film’s director Alan Taylor.

The Dark not only refuses to mention the director, but says absolutely nothing about the main character Thor or Chris Hemsworth’s performance. What kind of critic fails acknowledge the director and the lead actor? Yes, Hemsworth is mentioned by name twice, but Patrick can’t seem to produce any meaningful thoughts about his role in the film.

Due to the lack of detail to key components of the film, the rest of The Dark amounts to nothing. Patrick offers some intriguing thoughts on the villain Malekith, but surprisingly (or maybe not) affords only one sentence to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. The critic also refuses to address Thor’s love interest, Jane.

Seb Patrick gives the impression that he is a tekkie In The Dark. The complete lack of care for actual people in the film is mind-boggling, and Patrick focuses on small details without expanding on his thoughts. It’s a giant, hot mess of forgettable paragraphs.

The Dark takes much for granted, and Seb Patrick doesn’t seem to understand the general reader.    

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