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Scott Mantz’s “Gravity Review” Delivers an Appealing Analysis

In response to Scott A. Mantz’s 630‑word review of Gravity on Access Hollywood

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The excitement of Scott Mantz is on full display in his ”Gravity Review,” a fresh and down-to-earth analysis that doesn’t fall prey to profusion.

The audience is greeted with an overall tone of ebullience, which carries its way through this rousing review that features a strong recommendation on the basis of what seems to have been a very personal experience. Forsaking the pretentiousness of many latter-day offerings, Review is a rather straightforward bit of entertainment that manages never to become prosaic.

Whereas homages to other features have become something of a nuisance in the more uppity reviews one is likely to come across following a festival, the references the piece makes to similar works talk directly to the audience—never down to them. It’s a refreshing break from the smugness leading into Gravity reviews season.

Mantz cares enough to become technical when he needs to, but doesn’t let that undermine the craft. His name is synonymous with light fare, but his reviews are rarely plodding.  Review finds Mantz in fine form, telling a coherent story with some fun comparisons toward the end befitting of the space theme.

For audiences that like brisk, candid popcorn fare that doesn’t lack substance, Gravity Review is an extremely appealing choice that won’t disappoint.    

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