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Kimberley Jones Produces Classic Fluff in “Nebraska”

In response to Kimberley Jones’s 346‑word review of Nebraska on Austin Chronicle

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Kimberley Jones must know that three paragraphs of summary is not good enough. The critic manages to produce commercial fluff in the forgettable “Nebraska,” and writes just enough to inform the reader that a film was made.

Let’s get real. Nebraska is two paragraphs of plot summary followed by a closing paragraph that acknowledges the director. It’s classic fluff: Jones describes the film and then pays homage to the director. The content can be found anywhere. To the credit of Jones, she at least attempts to make the writing interesting despite the lack of critique.

The first paragraph of Nebraska lacks vision and offers nothing to the audience except plot summary. The second paragraph compares Bruce Dern’s hair to those troll dolls of the 80s. But hey, reader, the film is not about the typical “asshole dad bonds with estranged son,“—no, it’s much more…and you can learn more about the details in another review.

Final paragraph. The reader will learn that Alexander Payne directed the film and has also directed other talkies as well. As far as the actual film being reviewed, well, Payne does a good job apparently. Character analysis? Will Forte has slanted eyebrows and Bruce Dern “masterfully controls his body.” Drive home safely.

Nebraska is a short but difficult journey.    

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