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Vincent Mancini’s “The Counselor” Is Heavy on Wit and Humor

In response to Vincent Mancini’s 1009‑word review of The Counselor on FilmDrunk

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Vincent Mancini’s “the Counselor” is a witty and thoughtful escapade through Cormac McCarthy’s dreary world, even though it stutters a bit  from time to time.

Reading somewhere between a decent Cracked article and Roeper goes to the movies; Vincent Mancini took time out of his day to almost love The Counselor. And that is the gist of his “The Counselor.” Mancini vacillates between quiet adulation of the film and nigh disappointment, giving him enough space to really play up his sense of humor, for better as opposed to worse.

To reiterate, the main draw for many will be Mancini’s wit, especially in regard to his view on Cormac Mccarthy’s seeming contempt for humanity. But the write-up is also a well-written and researched piece of literature, as the critic seemingly went for the whole shebang as opposed to a half or a quarter of it.

Mancini bothers to cite meaningful comparisons that work to illustrate his points even further and flesh out his argument, that while the film is well done there were parts of it that seem a tad bit obtuse and intentionally so. He essentially sums up the nihilistic view of the film in a sentence and it is hard to disagree with this sentiment given his previous points.

Of course this leads to the spoilers which is perhaps the weakest point of this fortified wall. Within the first paragraph Mancini has provided us with a glimpse of some rather gruesome fates, which would have been shocking had they not been spoiled. There are plenty of other instances of scenes being ruined. Reading this review with caution is really the best way to go about enjoying  it.    

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