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It’s All in Good Fun in Paul MacInnes’s “First Look” Hunger Games Review

In response to Paul MacInnes’s 620‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Guardian [UK]

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Paul MacInnes’s wry wit is on full display in his “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire—first look review,” a piece that finds its heart (and humor) in the author’s handling of the matter.

The jabs begin to roll from the first act in this assembly of quick paragraphs, with a wink and a nod to the moviemaking machine that turns out bundled-up franchises like variety packs of Cornetto. That’s not to say First Look doesn’t get down to business dissecting the “peculiar alchemy” that makes a teen-oriented affair attractive to both genders.

A fine bit of recap follows, punctuated by MacInnes’s characteristic flair (he once compares a setting to “abandoned Kentucky mining towns”), offering a backdrop against which to paint his analysis.

First Look is at once unaffected by and concerned with that ineffable quality called “heart,” and wonders aloud whether there’s enough of a beating one underneath all the fanfare to sustain a franchise. Readers will get the sense that MacInnes feels discouraged—and rightly so.

What doesn’t quite work in the piece is a few syntactical choices that feel a bit samesy and a spelling error toward the end (the fault, no doubt, of an editor). Audiences will find these gripes minor.

MacIness’s First Look is a well-drawn, funny, and ultimately very effective work whose timeliness and levity make it well worth a read.    

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