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Todd Jorgenson’s ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Review: Typical Superhero Critic

In response to Todd Jorgenson’s 1‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on

By ,’s Todd Jorgenson slings the usual critiques at Marvel’s latest offering, Thor: The Dark World. He acknowledges the comic book sequel’s likelihood of generating big box office, but lampoons it for featuring more spectacle than depth.

The reviewer’s write-up is nothing new to the superhero movie world, a world that has long suffered at the hands of those who claim their favorite films are anything independent and or foreign. Revealing far too much of the actual plot, This critic attacks Thor’s “brawn over brains,” and sneaks a dig at Chris Hemsworth for “still fitting in his costume.” The last movie came out two years ago, and ‘The Avengers’ a year ago. Hemsworth hasn’t entered any Marlon Brando-like phases just yet.

“An obligatory climax scene featuring mass destruction” writes the reviewer of Thor’s best scene with his oh-so-powerful hammer. Don’t most superhero movies include such scenes? And yet people still shell out cash to see these movies? Like an early critic of Black Sabbath or The Rocky Horror Picture Show, this critic is missing the point—it’s the hero’s journey that’s important, not how the movie will end. We already know how it’s going to end!

What separates the reviewer’s comments from any other irritated superhero movie reviewer is… not much. His critique appears somewhat trite, and in no way helpful to the movie’s fans. That is, except to give away most of the film plot.



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