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Joshua Starnes’s “Thor: The Dark World” Is Shock Proof

In response to Joshua Starnes’s 500‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on

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There comes a time when reviewers find their voice. Before that time, they use cute references and pop culture short cuts to grip the reader instead of the content. Joshua Starnes’s “Thor: The Dark World” finds the critic half the way on the journey to this latter stage.

Starnes wastes less time than his colleagues with to talk about the plot, and that’s refreshing. Comparisons with the first Thor film are made well. Starnes’s voice actually emerges in neat spots, where he discusses how well the production design works (and names the designer!)  He tangles with the troubled of equation of a large film with a varied cast and how the director failed or did not grasp breadth of this hammer-smacking epic.

His analysis of the bad guys as mere puppets for hammer-time is well done, and needs to be mentioned more. He also makes sage points about the villains, and how these films are made to be enjoyed in the moment and not to linger. Sadly, he doesn’t bolster this with more insights, but perhaps that is too much to ask for it to linger, too.  While half cooked in terms of intent and execution, this review will have more of a lasting impact than most of the reviews of a movie about a blonde fellow who hammers monsters with a hammer.    

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