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Chris Barsanti Hints at Film Criticism Rat Pack in “The Furnace”

In response to Chris Barsanti’s 632‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Film Racket

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Chris Barsanti has elevated above the wave of average reviews with the intellectual and refreshing “Out Of The Furnace.” The work has a formidable sense of style and class that may result in a Twitter debate about whether or not Barsanti is starting a Rat Pack for film criticism.

The first paragraph of The Furnace is robust and almost a perfect introduction for the exclusive connoisseur. Barsanti presents a sweet dose of Bale to the readers, and immediately gets into a directorial breakdown that shows true commitment to the craft. Unfortunately, Mr. Barsanti concludes the astonishing paragraph with a Batman reference, which is not only lame, but also unsuitable for such an elegant review.

Barsanti steps back from the fire in The Furnace to offer his readers a couple luke-warm paragraphs of plot summary, which allows one to process the trials and tribulations of the leads. The suspense is Hitchcockian.

The Furnace closes out with a double dose of fatty paragraphs that are also phat with critique. Barsanti doesn’t reach greatness, but serves up a little bit for everybody with insight on the director Scott Cooper and the lead performances. It’s not high-art, but certainly acceptable. Perhaps the highlight of the review is Barsanti’s final, highly-moving sentence on the proverbial knife fight of cinema.

Chris Barsanti’s is a big winner with The Furnace.    

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