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Liam Lacey’s “Ender’s Game: …” Excels Expectations

In response to Liam Lacey’s 726‑word review of Ender’s Game on Globe and Mail

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Lacey demonstrates his sheer literary virtuosity in “Ender’s Game: promising if risky start to a likely blockbuster franchise“—a superb example of what deductive analysis should aspire to be.

The author wastes little time in building his case. With great care and attention to detail, he delivers a fully engaging, yet entirely comprehensive synopsis of his subject. As he transcends from one passage to the next, he slowly and methodically weaves a tapestry of intrigue, excitement and dramatic tension that entices the reader and draws them complacently into another universe. His conveyance is so well executed, it almost takes on a life of its own.

In an effort to enhance his argument, he notes parallels to other subjects outside the confines of this piece. While these comparisons may seem frivolous and unnecessary at first, Lacey relays them in a way that somehow makes perfect sense. And they indeed reinforce his point-of-view such that its impact might not be nearly as damning without them. It scales back the focus to reveal a world beyond the world, so-to-speak, and in doing so, better defines its place in the bigger scheme of things.

However, one of the analogies the author makes does not fare so well. In an attempt to elaborate on the subject’s origins, he mentions the creator and his personal politics. These have no bearing on the premise, nor offer anything of benefit to this piece. Therefore, they are best not mentioned at all.

This minor misstep aside, “Ender’s Game: …” scores highly on any literary scholar’s report card. The oratorical agility Lacey demonstrates earns him a defining place at the top of his class.    

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