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Macnab’s “Film Review: Gravity” Thrills With a Focused, Imaginative Exposition

In response to Geoffrey Macnab’s 455‑word review of Gravity on Independent

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Geoffrey Macnab offers one for the ages in “Film review: Gravity—George Clooney and Sandra Bullock float freely in this flawed deep space spectacle,” a work that exposes as much about the reader as it does the creator himself.

Audiences will delight in Macnab’s thoughtful approach to Film Review: Gravity; an approach that, from the outset, invites self-reflection (and even self-doubt). The reader hedges what he wants to know against what the artist—and Macnab truly is, in every sense of the word—is willing to reveal.

When “inevitably, disaster strikes,” Macnab refuses to reveal the damage outright, instead opting to cut back to a scene that revels in delightful images and careful diction. What he describes here will invariably leave some of his audience uncomfortable, as the disaster is left mainly to the reader’s imagination.

Thus, Film Review: Gravity skillfully passes the burden of the tension onto the audience. Allowing his audience to wrestle with unresolved details is a wonderful tactic employed by a visionary whose attention to craft implies the refusal to kowtow to spoilers. A notable misstep in the second to last sentence is forgivable.

Macnab deals generously with those involved in the film, paying homage to and drawing distinctions between their past triumphs and failures. As regards his own work, Film Review: Gravity is a true objet d’art in its own right, the kind of film review that warrants the highest praise. If audiences read one review of Gravity this year, this should be the one.    

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