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Donald J. Levit Produces Ignorance & Plot Summary in “Diminished Capacity”

In response to Donald J. Levit’s 643‑word review of Nebraska on ReelTalk Movie Reviews

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Congratulations to Donald J. Levit for producing one paragraph of ignorant statements followed by a summary-review in “Diminished Capacity.”

Levit compares the films Fargo and Nebraska as having the same climate in Diminished Capacity, which is fair if the critic is referring to a cinematic climate. He proceeds to state that nobody “can locate either on a blank map.” See, because Fargo is near Canada and Nebraska is in the lower Midwest.

The rest of Diminished Capacity is all summary followed by one paragraph marked “SPOILER ALERT,” which is apparently the “CRITIQUE.”

Levit acknowledges director Alexander Payne early on in Diminished Capacity, and the the fact that the film was shot in black and white, but fails to bring to light anything about his work.

There is no concept of character analysis in Diminished Capacity, as Levit offers his audience nothing on the main characters or even the actors who portray them. Will Forte is mentioned once by name, and despite noting Bruce Dern as winning Best Actor at Cannes, the critic refuses to acknowledge Dernie’s acting.

Once Levit reaches the “SPOILER ALERT” in Diminished Capacity, all that he really has to offer is a stylized version of the plot. Midwest. Roads. One man changes and the other doesn’t.

Diminished Capacity can be filed under “SNOOZER.”   

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