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Emma Dibdin’s “Catching Fire Review” Is a Solid Effort—Mostly

In response to Emma Dibdin’s 599‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Digital Spy

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Emma Dibdin takes on Katniss Everdeen in“‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ review,” a work that is effective in spite of a few minor flaws that keep it from getting the highest marks.

Dibdin is concerned initially with the adaptability of source material and guides her readers to an image of a Venn diagram, an efficient metaphor audiences will keep in the back of their minds while reading. To the author’s view, perhaps a deviation from the source material would have made for a more energized viewing experience.

However, the piece doesn’t play this note too long—the fair amount of recap is balanced in part by astute analysis.  Catching Fire Review is interesting in its ability to notice subtle shifts in character and tone, almost matter-of-factly. While some reviews make much of little, and others miss such details entirely, her analysis has the “huh” factor readers will enjoy.

A readtime of just under 600 words works in the favor of Catching Fire Review. It’s competent and efficient in its criticism, a clear indicator that the reviewer has control of the reins throughout.

At times, however, Dibdin’s review feels a bit bland at times, lacking any sense of immediacy. In the second-to-last paragraph, the critic gives a very strong hint toward the conclusion of her review’s object, which will likely frustrate some readers unfamiliar with the source material.

All in all, Catching Fire Review accomplishes what it set out to do; nevertheless, audiences may focus on the few flaws rather than the solid work as a whole.    

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