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Josh Bell’s “Escape Plan” Is Lazy, Unimaginative and Far From a “Review”

In response to Josh Bell’s 161‑word review of Escape Plan on Las Vegas Weekly

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Reader Beware: There has been another sighting of a critic who refuses to “critique” because of the names of the lead actors. One has nothing to learn from “Film Review: Escape Plan,” and may walk away not only with a lower IQ, but slightly angry.

Critics: The release of Schwarzenegger/Stallone film is not a free pass to abandon your duties as a critic.

Review: Escape from Josh Bell would be thrown away if it was written on a classic typewriter. There is nothing to learn, and is void of any original thought. One will likely be confused by the critic’s failure to critique and general lack of effort.

The opening paragraph is lazy and unimaginative. Bell resorts to the 80s-themed pun that can be found in every sub-par review. There are good reviews out there for Escape Plan, in which the critic actually critiques the film in a original way, and there are bad reviews where one does just enough to get by.  Review: Escape is one of those reviews.

Josh Bell says little about the film in the second paragraph, but does make a ridiculous reference to Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.  

Reader: ponder the words of Bell’s closing statement in Escape Plan and feel the irony of the words:

But overall, Escape Plan is a dumb, sloppy thriller that probably would have been a disappointment even in 1988. “—Josh Bell   

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