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Charles Koplinkski Wins by TKO in “Undercooked Concoction”

In response to Charles Koplinski’s 477‑word review of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Illinois Times

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Charles Koplinski enters the arena of film criticism and wins with his latest review “Cloudy 2 an undercooked concoction.”

undercooked concoction is not a heavyweight contender that can knock out a review with one punch. However, Koplinski does succeed by delivering several small jabs than connect with force and style. Unfortunately, the robe of the critic (the presentation), is a visual nightmare and one could be immediately turned off by the appearance.

In the opening paragraphs of undercooked concoction, the critic walks into the ring and delivers a strong statement that shall connect with his loyal fans in the audience. The gentle and prophetic prose may stun the untrained reader with its wonder, and one must pay special attention as Koplinkski has a unique style that can stick and move with ease.

After a brief but descriptive plot description, Koplinkski walks around the ring, grabs the mic and speaks to his audience with words of wisdom. One will sit back in their chair and let the information sink in. By the end, the reader will be stunned by Koplinksi’s dazzling insight, and will gently wake from their review dream, and recognize the critic as a modern champion of words.

undercooked concoction is not the king of the ring, but it is a contender.  Charles Koplinksi will surely rise through the ranks with a less offensive robe.    

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