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Kirk Baird’s “Hood Improves” Is a Muddled, Amateurish Mess

In response to Kirk Baird’s 707‑word review of Ender’s Game on Toledo Blade

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Kirk Baird’s “Hood improves with ‘Ender’s Game’” is the sort of review future critics might use as a cautionary tale. It has embarrassing typos, poor sentence structure, and a lack of attention to detail. One can imagine a professor of film studies handing the review to his students and saying, “Here is an example of what not to do.”

The review’s most recurring flaw is its over-reliance on dashes as punctuation, a sure sign that the review’s author has problems formulating coherent sentences. Combined with a copious amount of commas, this leads to a number of run-on sentences that become increasingly confusing the farther into them the reader gets.

There are other gaffes, too. Baird tells us at one point that Ender is meant to act “with impunity from his own conscious.” It is obvious from the context that he meant “conscience,” but this gaffe is a pretty embarrassing one and indicative of a rushed, low quality review.

One must master the basics before moving on to the finer points of writing film criticism.  Hood improves is proof positive that Baird has yet to master those basics. It is a muddled, amateurish review in which the criticism is buried underneath a mound of errors.    

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