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Joe Neumaier’s “‘Nebraska: ‘Movie Review” Marries Content to Style

In response to Joe Neumaier’s 487‑word review of Nebraska on New York Daily News

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Joe Neumaier’s “‘Nebraska: ‘movie review” delivers an excellent, compact, reading experience designed for a wide audience. Neumaier captures and mirrors the rhythm and tone of Nebraska with ease, while expertly explaining theme and character development without a hint of pretentiousness. Movie Review is the literary equivalent of contemporary art within a journalistic platform.

At every turn, Neumaier presents reasoned opinion backed by thought-provoking questions that encourage reader immersion and interest in the film. He provides outstanding contextualization of plot in a truly accessible writing style. He expresses creative prose voice with mainstream language choices that never feel cheesy, overdone, rambling, or terse.

The artistic black-and-white pictures also draw the reading audience into Movie Review, which significantly adds to its presentation value. Reading audiences feel encouraged to experience important aspects of Nebraska along with Neumaier. From flawless grammar to seamless structural flow, Movie Review is concise yet not at all weak or content-lacking.

The reader will find confidence in the fact that Neumaier conveys no need to merely “try” to create a good review, but knows from experience exactly how to do so. Traveling to a local theater to see Nebraska is a likely outcome of reading of his reader-worthy movie review.    

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