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Jason Gorber’s “TIFF 2013 Review: GRAVITY” Makes It Personal

In response to Jason Gorber’s 1135‑word review of Gravity on Twitch

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With all the film reviews that are available out there to read, there are remarkably few that offer the one thing that separates the good reviews from the great ones: the personal touch. So often, reviewers just go through the motions of reviewing a movie without really interjecting a piece of themselves into the proceedings. In short, they use the protective shield of film criticism to mask their own vulnerability. Not so with Jason Gorber, whose “TIFF 2013: Review: GRAVITY, An Experience Like No Other,” conveys a breathless sense of wonder about its subject and uses personal experience to really bring it home.

During the course of the review, Gorber relates Gravity to his experiences as a scuba diver, drawing the audience into his own personal bubble to use his life experiences as a way to paint a picture of the experience of watching the film. The ploy works tremendously, and the result is that Review: GRAVITY becomes more than just a review, it becomes a story, lush with visuals, feelings, and motivations. The review is not without flaw. For instance, there is some misuse of the word “literally.” But that is easily forgiven.

The beauty of a review like Review: GRAVITY is that it works as its own self-contained piece of art, separate from the film it is reviewing. At the same time, it still fully functions within the context of its intended goal: to inform the reader. With Review: GRAVITY, Gorber has truly created a masterpiece.    

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