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Kelly Vance Is a Distinguished Gentleman in “The Right Stuff”

In response to Kelly Vance’s 816‑word review of Gravity on East Bay Express

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The savvy writing skills of Kelly Vance demand attention in the beautifully crafted, “Gravity: The right stuff.”

Vance begins The Right Stuff with an electric image/statement combo that will leave a mark on the reader. The critic appears to be saying, “Just read…,” and guides the reader close to their screen for a spectacular reading experience.

Once Vance dives into the plot summary of The Right Stuff, he immediately differentiates his work by using language that entertains and informs with ease. The critic is careful not to spoil anything for the viewer, but still lights up the page with brilliant phrasings.

The middle section of The Right Stuff is lengthy and dedicated to a comprehensive look at the lead characters. Everything that one would want to know is covered by Vance, and he proves to be a true gentleman in the review game by addressing the importance of the Clooney role—an aspect of the film left out by far too many critics. The critic understand his audience, and the fact that they have not seen the film. It’s important to Vance to supply all the needed information.

The Right Stuff is most definitely the right stuff for the reader. Vance covers 3D, religion and offers a detailed analysis of the main characters, which is difficult to find in the enormous world or reviews.    

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