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Mick LaSalle’s “Lawyer Line” Balances on Edge of Greatness

In response to Mick LaSalle’s 727‑word review of The Counselor on San Francisco Chronicle

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Mick LaSalle knows how to reach his audience. The critic delivers a superb performance in “The Counselor review: A lawyer crosses the line,” however the artistic creation is not quite Top 10 material. LaSalle appears to be on the brink of an all-star review, but the work is more along the lines of a consistent. 300 hitter.

Lawyer crosses starts off nicely with a breakdown of Cormac McCarthy’s script, and a forceful statement for the audience. One may brace themselves for classic LaSalle, and expect a legendary review.

The plot summary of Lawyer crosses is beyond the typical description so often seen in reviews. LaSalle injects analysis along the way, and even sprinkles in some humor which may result in a nickname over the course of time. The comedic timing is on-point, and it’s clear that LaSalle is the song-and-dance man of reviews (if that man is also a master of the written word).

Audiences will appreciate the dialogue analysis in Lawyer crosses, and perhaps the most enjoyable section is LaSalle’s commentary on the lead. Most readers demand information on the main character, and most definitely will demand a healthy dose of Fassbender. The critic delivers and the audience will rejoice.

Lawyer crosses is a great review, but ends quickly rather than moving on to the next level.    

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