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A Review by Beth Accomando: “The World’s End” Will Surely Leave a Smell to Remember

In response to Beth Accomando’s 2246‑word review of The World's End on

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In “Review: ‘The World’s End‘“ by Beth Accomando, a pungent opinion leaks into every uttered word, making for a rather curious concoction of a review. The first sentence bursts forth from the page with random creation, unfortunately leaving a strange odor of unimportance.

Left there, wondering what to make of the start, Accomando then drags her audience through a dramatic non sequitur. Completely detached from any notion previously mentioned, the reader begins to catch a rather pleasant waft of something tangibly delicious. Summary of a coherent plot and analysis begin to creep into the senses. A slow buildup of a relevant cinematic potency fills the review.

And then the inevitable happens. As the reader takes a deep, earthy breathe of this review, his lungs are filled with yet another scent entirely. Random opinionated tangents, held by no clear analysis are blown into the reader’s face.

Unconnected and unwanted information consume the review until all that was left of anything worth reading is blown away in the wind. Flourished words of affirmation begin the review, to be smothered by a confusing turn towards disappointment.

Some will commend this review for allowing their minds to wander through so many different flavors of thought, however most would have preferred the superior taste of coherent structure.    

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