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Amor Warmann’s “World Review” May Inspire Massive Twitter Thanks

In response to Amon Warmann’s 559‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on HeyUGuys

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Amon Warmann is a great analytical mind whose powers of critique must be recognized. The latest work of the sublime artist, “Thor: The Dark a World Review,” is a wonderful journey that will not only inspire the average reader, but make one laugh.

The introductory paragraph of World Review is somewhat boring, however Warmann makes a clear statement for the audience and proceeds to deliver an outstanding critique. The crtitic’s gentle style is friendly and pleasing, which makes the work a real treat.

Warmann delivers a short summary of the film in World Review, and the rest of the work is pure analysis. The critic refuses to employ snark as a poor substitute for critique, and focuses on informing the reader but allowing room for a humor.  World Review is a sweet blend of smarts and laughs which makes the work unique in this crazy world full of average reviews.

One will find that Warmann touches on all aspects of the film in World Review, and digs deep to expand on his character analysis, and the role of the film in the franchise.  World Review isn’t Hall of Fame quality, but the emphasis on critique will undoubtedly be enough for one to seek out the critic on Twitter to offer thanks.

World Review could be improved with a more thorough breakdown, however Warmann’s work will certainly be enough for most.    

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