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Jay Antani’s “Gravity” Is the Thinking Man’s Critique

In response to Jay Antani’s 929‑word review of Gravity on Cinema Writer

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Jay Antani’s “Gravity” is a worthwhile endeavor. It will take readers for a journey that will finish with them heading off to see the film for themselves.

Color Jay Antani unimpressed, or slightly unimpressed. The critic is clearly still overjoyed at the cinematic spectacle, but he does make clear that the film has a ways to go before falling into the ranks of the perfect. The writing is intricate yet engaging, and it does not dumb itself down for the sake of the audience.

Much of the negative focus is heavily tilted to the side of weak characterizations. The chief complaint is further validated by the lack of back-story and the director’s technical slant. The writing takes its time and crafts a convincing argument that reveals that the filmmaker was indeed mortal despite the particular skill with which he holds over filming equipment.

Cinema Writer is a well manicured site with plenty of reviews to choose from. Don’t expect irritating ads for foot powder or the like or you will be sorely disappointed.

The only misstep in the entire run of “Gravity” is the inclusion of some spoilers. It would have been nice to unravel some of the character nuance and motivations at the multiplex, as opposed to the internet. When a film can be summed up in a sentence, it leaves critics plenty of room to judge the film on it’s merits other than the main story. Antani doesn’t take full advantage of this fact.

“Gravity” is a fantastic read that will only briefly forestall theatergoers. The review is intelligently written, thoroughly convincing and aesthetically pleasing,  and it hits all the right notes in terms of audience enjoyment.    

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