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Frank Swietek Wins Hearts With Superb “Ender’s Game”

In response to Frank Swietek’s 860‑word review of Ender’s Game on One Guy's Opinion

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Imagine if HBO’s The Sopranos had aired only on a small, local cable access station in Laramie, Wyoming. It wouldn’t be any less brilliant, but it would be incredibly sad to see such great material go unseen.

This appears to be the case with one Dr. Frank Swietek, whose One Guy’s Opinion website looks like it came out of a Windows ‘95 commercial (complete with the clipart of the guy scratching his head). There’s also no social media attached (a whopping two followers on Twitter), so, even accounting for a generous word of mouth campaign, not too many people can be fans.

And they should be. Swietek’s a film scholar and his professorial (he is, in fact, a professor) approach will delight film buffs who love thoughtful, well researched, bookish reviews (i. e. Swietek gets giddy when mentioning, by name, the three production designers). Even if you’re not a movie geek, there’s plenty of content for you here too, as he breaks down a film he finds “oddly constricted and curiously dispassionate.”

Swietek’s a wonderful writer but the work suffers a bit from being almost entirely devoid of humor. It’s so in-depth it might, at times, come off like a reading assignment. He doesn’t have to tell jokes, but a little levity might make this one more for the masses.    

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