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Brian Orndorf’s “Nebraska Preview” Is a Magical Journey

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Author Brian Orndorf creates a landscape of intrigue and adventure in “Nebraska Preview”. It is an experience that rivals the subject itself.

The author sweeps the reader into his world effortlessly and masterfully, making them feel totally at ease in the process. The conversational-style narration, combined with an earthy tone relay a situation that one can readily identify with. And once he’s got them under his spell, there’s no breaking out of it until the end. They are his passenger, and he is taking them on a road trip they’ll not soon forget.

The scenery along the way is breathtaking. Every nuance, every plot twist, even every detour, filled with such lush detail, they combine to give the story a life of its own. To be sure, the audiences imagination will have much to work with here. And yet, the level of detail Orndorf provides is so intricate, it’s a miracle it it doesn’t spoil the entire theme. But it never does. In fact, it only inspires one’s imagination exponentially. How this author is able to pull off this feat is beyond explanation.

A true marvel it is to behold, this fine textual masterpiece. Such a vivid, engaging script is a rarity today, let alone one so surreal. It is as empathetic as it is convincing, and as free-spirited as it is compelling. A contradiction in american literature, that will most likely garner universal praise from the audience.    

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