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Matt Prigge’s “Beautifully Hopeless” Could Lead to Film Cameo or Lead

In response to Matt Prigge’s 546‑word review of The Counselor on Metro

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Matt Prigge makes the case that he would be a fine movie character in the wonderfully written “The Cormac McCarthy movie The Counsellor is Beautifully Hopeless.” One may contemplate the idea of a McCarthy script that focuses on an intellectual but gritty critic, who always has the right phrase for the situation.

Prigge’s dynamic writing acumen is fantastic in Beautifully Hopeless and helps drive home the points with vigor. He conveys the dark world of Cormac McCarthy in the introduction with honest but frightening words, and transitions to a delightful paragraph on the direction of Ridley Scott.

Beautifully Hopeless is not a Hall of Fame character study, however the overall content of Prigge proves that a critic doesn’t always need to force Fassbender on the reader. So back off, Fassbender fanatics.

Prigge breaks down the plot with crisp and tactical phrasing that could possibly make one feel like they are in the film. If that wasn’t enough for the biggest Prigge-heads, he then references Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep, which may cause readers to scream out loud in public. It’s a big moment, and the comparison is outstanding.

The conclusion of Beautifully Hopeless is poignant, funny and rich with Prigge insight. The use of “boo” will bring smiles to the faces of many, and the review connoisseur will certainly appreciate a line on the comedic nature of the film.

Matt Prigge brings it with Beautifully Hopeless, a Coolio-esque fantastic voyage through film.    

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