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Tim Martain’s “Thor” Is Electric, but Sloppy

In response to Tim Martain’s 851‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on The Mercury

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Tim Martain is a smart and capable critic who’s crafted an eminently readable review in his “Thor sequel proves lightning can strike twice.”

The opening scene finds Martain getting right to the good stuff, giving readers an encapsulation of his review in a handy sentence or two and then launching into the clever “MacGuffin du jour” as a way to introduce the plot points and characters for readers.

There’s plenty of criticism here and Martain handles it well, mostly praising the film for having “a good understanding of the material” and a supporting cast that’s “just as much fun to be around.”

Okay, those may not be life changing proclamations, but Martain’s writing, aside from a few hiccups, keeps everything whirring around at a beautiful pace, making the review greater than the sum of its parts and creating a substantial cumulative effect.

The work suffers, however, from a lack of attention to detail. There are commas misplaced, typos littered about, and some formatting issues that a cursory bit of proofreading would have corrected. For a writer of his caliber, it’s just plain lazy to not take the time to go back and read over the work you’ve labored over. It’s unfortunate, because those little stumbles keep this one from reaching the heavens.    

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