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Stella Papamichael’s “Masterpiece” Suggests No Such Thing

In response to Stella Papamichael’s 555‑word review of Nebraska on Digital Spy

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Stella Papamichael delivers a hushed performance in her latest piece, “Nebraska review: Bruce Dern in another Alexander Payne masterpiece”, which is so quiet and snoozetastic that one may dream of being an actual jaw-wide-open Alexander Payne character.

Masterpiece is quite the compliment, but Papamichael doesn’t produce enough content in Masterpiece to back up her argument. In fact, her opening statement suggests that Payne might be on his way to creating a masterpiece, but is not there yet. The critic appears to want some headlines, but her analysis is far from masterful.

The prose of Papamichael in Masterpiece is tight and easy to read, but lacks the knockout punch to make one holler out “Wowza, Papamichael!”

After a couple solid introductory paragraphs in Masterpiece, the critic transitions into a lot of summary and concludes with a few boring paragraphs on the performances. Papamichael describes the appearance of lead actor Bruce Dern, but only teases with a few lines of critique. Poor Will Forte is given nothing.

Papamichael’s work is far from packaged fluff, but she never takes it to the next level. The greatest Papamichaellians will surely be waiting for a big moment, especially given the “masterpiece” statement, but the conclusion is about as anticlimactic as it gets.  

Masterpiece is slightly better than the typical five-hundred word reviews, but not by much.    

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