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Tim Grierson’s “Gravity” Is Grounded and Effective

In response to Tim Grierson’s 895‑word review of Gravity on Paste Magazine

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Tim Grierson’s “Gravity” is a top quality review grounded in level-headed criticism of a topic that might overwhelm lesser writers. It’s easy to get caught up in spectacle, but Grierson manages to keep his feet on the ground and provide a well-reasoned and well-rounded film review.

Presented in a simple, eye-pleasing format, “Gravity” (the review) is an in-depth discussion of Gravity (the film) that, at 895 words long, still manages to be an easy read. Part of that is because the text is uninterrupted by intrusive pictures or video clips, but most of it is due to the quality of Grierson’s writing. He is thorough without being overly verbose, critical without being nasty.

In addition to being even-handed, he is also a thoroughly competent writer, never veering into either pretension or colloquialism and never becoming either too sensationalistic or too dry. If he has one fault it is the over-use of dashes, some of which are ill-placed and un-necessary. He can be forgiven that, though, as the dashes contribute to a more conversational style.

While many writers might use an 895-word review to indulge in flights of fancy, Grierson keeps his feet planted on terra firma, providing a well thought-out and even-handed review that is grounded in analysis rather than pure emotion. “Gravity” is the work of a master of the art of film criticism.    

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