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“Turned Into a Videogame” by Stephen Witty Is Real Talk

In response to Stephen Whitty’s 655‑word review of Ender’s Game on Newark Star-Ledger

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Stephen Witty’s latest tightly-crafted art bomb is a progressive piece of work that shall be discussed in literary circles all weekend. The title is hefty, and so is the joyous assembly of words. One will find excitement in “Ender’s Game review: Interplanetary war, turned into a videogame.”

Turned into a videogame is a treat simply for the entertainment value, but Witty makes several important points along the way. The critic addresses flaws in the adaptation, the relevance of the original novel in today’s militaristic world and the influence of video games on today’s youth. Witty’s thoughts move the review game forward, and he refuses to be just another critic. Witty makes his mark in a big way.

The examination of the cast in turned into a videogame is a bit weak, and the audience won’t learn a whole lot about the characters in Gavin Hood’s adaptation. However, Witty pierces through the story with striking views on plot devices that seem lost in the film.

The finale of turned into a videogame tackles the personal views of author Orson Scott Card, and Witty makes a fair assessment of what one can find (or won’t find) in the film. The entire work moves along at a nice pace, and the references are outstanding.

Turned into a videogame is an intriguing work, and the public should be thankful for Stephen Witty.    

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